Trilogy Course Outline

Part 1

1.     Describe the nursing shortage through researched lenses of:

a.       Turnover – retention–fatigue

b.       Early losses of disillusioned new graduates

c.       Aging phenomenon leading to retirement

d.       Changes in society demographics and conditions

2.     Relate recent research in job satisfaction and organizational shortcomings and what nurses really want in the workplace

3.     Describe the rapid trend in establishing nursing programs that market brevity and convenience.  Compare with the urgent recommendations of study groups that call for strengthening curriculum to prepare graduates for changing society demographics and behaviors, health care reform, disparity in caregiver-recipient ratios, and advancing disease and growing emergency insults to members of societies.  Reference Public Health Determinants of Health.

4.     Explain the relevance and purpose of this trilogy and its parts:

a.       Called

b.       Comfort and Care

c.       Commitment, Engagement, Joy

Part 2  (Begins with the scenario of a case study)

5.     Overview to conceptual and theoretical sources:

a.       Jean Watson – Caring; informed moral passion vs. moral fatigue; Agency

b.       Levine’s Conservation Model, with three theories of:

i.      Conservation

ii.      Therapeutic Intervention

iii.      Redundancy

Part 3

d.    The Whole Person; Human Need

e.     Biblical Spiritual Fruits

f.       Emotional Intelligence – Gardner and Goleman; Mindfulness

6.     Discuss the concepts of:

a.        Purpose

b.       Passion

c.       Power

7.     Expectation: That readers will deeply embrace a spirit of commitment impassioned with moral courage to express and demonstrate perceptive and effective care in service to humanity.

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