Nursing Practice Trilogy

An Adventure in Professional Course Construction

~~Called — Care and Comfort — Commitment and Engagement and Joy~~

You have been invited to this website to engage in a unique method of learning and socializing into the practice of nursing.  Advancing technology, rapid changes in health care delivery, increasing health needs and demands from vulnerable populations, and discoveries in the science of learning challenge us to construct a more dynamic environment in which to not only learn the static information of past and recently-published textbooks and periodical journals, but to discover from each other the “what is” (ontology) and the “what is it all about” (epistomology) of the present.

Purpose and Objective
The purpose of this web-based adventure is to collaboratively develop a course in professionalism that blends textual content from current sources and media examples with your experiences, perceptions, and constructive comments; a course that flexes over time with new discoveries and changes of society.  This course is to be appropriate to the needs of nursing students from the pre-licensure level through the Master’s level.

The primary objective of this unique learning experience is to challenge the spirit of students of nursing and nurses in practice to develop moral courage in personal and professional living.

Expected Outcome
Because it is web-based and interactive, a community of learners and ever-learning professionals will have opportunity to revolutionize their practice from the empowering strength and examples of faculty and colleagues who contribute to this structure.  In this dynamic adventure the finest concepts and examples portray ideals that realign reasons for choosing nursing, behaviors that facilitate quality practice, and attitudes toward the difficulties of public service.

The FrameWork
Over time personal workplace observation and academic pursuits have brought to my attention variations in demeanor and attitude of health care providers and caregivers toward each other and toward those they serve.  Nurses arrive in the practice theater from a wide variety of educational experiences while also bringing learned behaviors from heritage and environmental influences.  The profession requires that nurses perform all aspects of caregiving in ways that are competent, accountable, ethical, culturally proficient, and psycho-socially appropriate.  In many ways, nursing is a very different social obligation for the emerging young adult and older career-changers.

Therefore, early in one’s education, and repeatedly thereafter, one should examine the meaning, significance, application of the “soft” concepts of:

  • Call recognition (Who am I?  Why am I here?  What brought me to this place?  Where am I going)
  • Caring and Comfort-giving
  • Commitment-Engagement-Joy

How to Use This Site

You have been invited here to review the articles posted as if they were chapters in a book.  But they aren’t really, because they are fluid in time and place.  Once you have read an article page, please post a comment in the spirit of enhancing understanding through:

  • your opinion,
  • your perception,
  • further definition,
  • sharing experience as an example
  • sharing textual (journal, book) resources
  • sharing internet resource for illustration

Your comments will be moderated and, when released for posting, will contribute to the community of growing knowledge and discovery that will build this course into a dynamic force for collaborative and sensitive nursing practice.  So I urge you to click over to the Introduction and have a good time!

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