Module III Outline

1.       Framework for understanding the concept

a.   Metaphor: Universe, a balanced, law-abiding, enlarging, limitless landscape

b.   Theory: Conservation of a person’s wholeness (Levine)

c.   Psychological metaphor: Meaning > Mindfulness

2.       Define and characterize Commitment  (Article and book sources: Pelegrino & Thomasma, Manion, Fasoli)

a.       What does it look like?

b.       Influences – Where does it come from?

i.      Value/currency – Why is it important?

1.       Cost – Personal investment

2.       Loss

ii.      Informed by Emotional Intelligence

3.       Transaction – Applying it to personal relationships, education, work/career, employer, community, belief system

a.       Focus on making and gaining emotional commitment

b.       Engagement

c.       Expressing Joy

4.       Outcomes

a.       Self-inventories (Meyer & Allen’s Commitment survey; adapted Brickman’s General Commitment Scale for nurses)

b.       Personal benefits

c.       Benefits in following through on caregiving

i.      Economical

ii.      Ethically

iii.      Morally

iv.      Personal fulfillment

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