Module II: Care & Comfort- Outline

1.       Agency defined; origins of attitude

2.       Compassion, Passion, Impassioned, Pathos, Pathetique, Appassionato,  Ministry

a.       Examine the terms through combined lenses of visual art, music and Christ’s ministry.  [Audio links to:

i.      Beethoven’s “Pathos”

ii.      Glinko’s “Pathetique” trio

iii.      Brahms’ “Requiem” (selections)

Begin creating Concept Map with interactive hotspots on terms, definitions, comparisons, theory in action

3.       Human Needs (Mazlow, Scripture)

4.       The Whole Person – each dimension described (physical, mental/emotional, social, spiritual)

5.       Watson’s Caring Concept; Informed moral passion vs. moral fatigue

6.       Refer to selections from Dimensions of Caring (O’Brien):

a.       Being, Listening, Touching (p. 14-16)

b.       Covenant Relationship (Ch. 4) –  Expressions of Nurses

c.       Being present (p. 110-111)

7.       Refer to selections from Caring from the Heart (Roach, p. 12-16, 79-81)

8.       Refer to Nodding’s caring concept: Receptivity, Relatedness, Responsiveness (Caring from the Heart, Roach, p. 142-146)

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