Linda Claire Royer, RN, PhD

A Little about Myself:
For the past 27 years our family has lived in western Virginia in beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Our two sons are in their 30’s and seeking their own course of life through continued education and work. My husband and I are very busy in church-related volunteer work (we are Seventh-day Adventists) and our separate careers. Since receiving my BSN in 1966 I have practiced nursing in hospital, school, and community. I earned a Master’s in Public Health in 1985 from Loma Linda University, which prepared me for work in wellness and health promotion. As a result my interest was then focused on over-the-road trucker’s health. In 1988, using the computer, I created a health newsletter for truckers titled “Health Scanner,” addressing common health problems and needs among that population.  It was an idea premature for its time as far as marketing went. During that time I also wrote health articles for periodicals for truckers.  After that I authored and produced a self-help audio tobacco cessation program in a kit called, “Taking Control.”  In follow-up, I developed a tobacco cessation facilitation course for health professionals, available online; both are available online at www.frameworkhealth.org.

Later in the early 90’s I was invited to teach nursing at a liberal arts college in Maryland.  That started me on the road toward credentialing in nursing education. I obtained another Masters in Nursing in 1996 from the University of Virginia. During my coursework and practica in Community Health I participated in several opportunities for academic writing and served as Project Director for a community health assessment.  Because of my interest in Congregational Nursing, I have written a 16-hour course in how to develop an accountable, community health-based practice. I was instrumental in founding and leading an internet-based professional nursing organization and have been teaching BSN Completion courses for several years in distance education.

In 2001 I began studies for a PhD in Nursing which focused on ethics, research, policy, and administration. I completed those, successfully defended my dissertation on “C/PHN Perceptions of Empowerment, Commitment, and Intent to Stay.”  During that time I also completed a Master’s certification in Nursing Education. My dream now is to establish a wholistic nursing program to assist practicing RNs to advance their education and develop leadership through BSN Completion and Master’s degrees. This collaborative course development adventure is one of the many steps I am taking in that direction.

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